Flinders University Student Radio (FUSR)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Flinders University Student Radio Shuts Down for Good (Wednesday 29 November 2006) - www.fusr.org

Flinders University Student Radio was a 3-hour timeslot on Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM.

After originally starting out in 1997, the implications of Voluntary Student Unionism (and other Brendan Nelson reforms on the university system) ended up putting the final nail in the coffin of FUSR – an organisation that was funded purely through the student services fee at Flinders University.

FUSR was produced in a number of formats: comedy, variety, punk, metal, talkback, political discussion, sports, and even radio plays. All shows were solely hosted by students from Flinders University.

Programmes by FUSR included Stiffen Starchy, Purple Monkey Dishwasher, Gasmeter Files, Radio Playtime, The Late Show, The View, The Role Playing Hour, Preacher Men, The Angry Hour, The Discussion Smorgasbord, Black Market Radio, The Live Bands Show, The Power Team, Turn the Page, Wednesday Night Live, The Dave Harry Variety Show, The Green Room, Freeman, Snap, Crackle, Pop, The Golden Shower Half-Hour, Van Heerde Party Liaison, and Killing Time.

FUSR also featured many celebrity interviews throughout its 10-year history, culminating in big interviews in 2006 with the likes of Shaun Micallef, Tony Martin, Santo Cilauro, Mick Molloy, Hamish Blake, Julian Morrow, Merrick Watts, and HG Nelson. These interviews are still available to download from the FUSR website at www.fusr.org

In 2006, FUSR was split up into 8 seasons. Each season was 5 weeks long, and was made up of 6 different shows. Each show was 30 minutes in duration.

The season dates for 2006 were as follows:

Season 1: Wed 1 March 2006 Wed 29 March 2006
Season 2: Wed 5 April 2006 Wed 3 May 2006
Season 3: Wed 10 May 2006 Wed 7 June 2006
Season 4: Wed 14 June 2006 Wed 12 July 2006
Season 5: Wed 19 July 2006 Wed 16 August 2006
Season 6: Wed 23 August 2006 Wed 20 September 2006
Season 7: Wed 27 September 2006 Wed 25 October 2006
Season 8: Wed 1 November 2006 Wed 29 November 2006

Hopefully, FUSR's demise will pave the way for something even better.

FUSR was funded by the Students' Association of Flinders University, and was headed by Adam Wozniak.